STL’s Motion Platform used to evaluate Strainstall/Fendercare’s VMMS

Strainstall and Fendercare have recently carried out a series of successful tests to evaluate their VMMS (Vessel Motion Monitoring System).  The tests were carried out on our 6 degree of freedom motion platform, in order to evaluate the VMMS’s performance when subjected to the pitch, roll, yaw, heave, surge and sway motions normally experienced at sea.

Scott Cruttenden, Strainstall Marine’s business development manager, commented on the results of the testing programme, “Utilising the STL motion platform, their instrumentation/software and expertise has provided corroborative data proving the accuracy of the system.  The testing replicated various ocean conditions and will provide confidence to our customers and emphasise the importance of the VMMS and its operational value.” For more information please see

For a video clip of the tests please click on the following link

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